Best Free Accounting Software

If you have your own established business that you personally run, then you most surely need accounting software. The Best Free Accounting Software are helpful for running businesses as they minimize the struggles of going through receipt piles. This software also helps in the planning of a business, such that tax deadlines are not reached while unplanned for.

However, you may wonder; just which accounting software would be best for your business? After all, the market out there offers so many types of accounting software; both free and premium. This article discusses the best free accounting software that you can consider getting for your business.

Best Free Accounting Software

The Best Free Accounting Software list bellow

1.) ZipBooks

The ZipBook is composed of a contemporary interface that comes together with a set of robust features. This accounting best free accounting software is known for its capability to ease accounting activities. It, therefore, saves a business person’s time; providing more time for other tasks. ZipBooks is less restrictive. This is because it avails unending invoices for an unending number of customers. It is also used for bookkeeping purposes.

2.) GnuCash

This accounting best free accounting software is mainly used for bookkeeping. It is mainly purposed for sole business owners and individuals. Also, it is designed in such a way that it can handle multiple currencies. It can be used to record invoices, credit notes, and accounts that have been paid out or received in. It is flexible accounting software, best fit for kitchen table businesses.

3.) Money Manager Ex

What makes the Money Manager Ex one of the best accounting software is the fact that the software is very straightforward. It is very easy and simple to use. Its simple nature makes it easier for business people to set up their accounts and transactions very fast. More so, this best free accounting software has features available only in the premium software. It is portable, so one does not need to install it first.

4.) TurboCASH

This is heavier accounting software. It is therefore mainly designed for use by big and multiple companies. The TurboCASH is used for handling VAT, debt and credit records, several company records as well as multiple users.

5.) Wave

This is the best accounting software for freelancers. It is cloud-based. It can be used for business activities such as producing invoices and receipts. Wave accounting software is free. However, you should note that you are required to pay per every transaction made. The bigger and successful your company is, the more fees you will be charged. Therefore, the wave is one of the best free accounting software for smaller businesses.

6.) VT Cash Book

This accounting best free accounting software works by using Excel. It can be used for bookkeeping. It records the daily cash transactions made by the business. It is quite fast; making use of auto-complete whenever data entry is done. The other thing about this software is that it can support more than one bank accounts. VAT returns can also be prepared using this accounting software.

7.) NCH Express Invoice

This accounting best free accounting software is used for producing invoices, quotations and purchase orders. These activities are done very fast. The NCH Express Invoice is only made freely available to those businesses with less than 5 employees. This accounting software can also be used to send invoices through email and fax.


Do you own a business or a company? Well, why risk spending cash buying premium accounting software that could end up being disappointments? Get yourself one of this accounting software and enjoy the best experience in your work!