Black Hole mysterious of The world

Long years ago karl schwarzschild took part in World first War for Germany. Although only a year later in 1915, forced to leave the Paltan for illness and died the following year. But in a short time in the battle field, he did a job to achieve immortality. No, it is not a heroic battlefield; he found a strange solution to the recently proposed general relativity. It is said that he literally sits in the battlefield and finds this solution. And this solution is a mathematical proof of Black Hole, which is known as ‘ schwarzschild Metric’. Undoubtedly, Black Hole is one of the most interesting and mysterious topics of theoretical physics.

From now on 104 years ago, Albert Einstein proposed the general theory of relativity. The reader noted, at the age of 26, the special relativity proposed in 1905, but is not actually the Masterpiece of Einstein. Einstein had to wait another 10 years for him. The general relativity he proposed in 1915 is undoubtedly the most brilliant theory of physics. Just the first time that Black Hole’s photo was released for the first time last month, schwarzschild mathematically estimated those 104 years ago, using General Relativity Here are the schwarzschild Metric Solutions, just to curb physics students.

First Black Hole Photo

Better to say, the idea of ​​Black Hole but older. John Mitchell, a British astronomer, said about the possibilities of the first black hole in 1784. Mitchell named them dark stars. He shows that if there is such a star, whose density is almost like the sun, but which is 500 times the size of the Sun in its shape, its surface ‘escape velocity’ will be more than the speed of light. “Escape velocity” is such a speed, that if a person thrives on a planet or asteroid, it will not return to that planet or star. That means the speed is so much that the gravitational force of the planet or the star is not enough to bring it back to the surface. Now the ‘escape velocity’ is more than the speed of light that means the light cannot come out of the surface of the object. That does not mean anything can come out because speed of light is high speed. But we know that much later than Einstein’s special relativity. During the time of John Mitchell, it was interesting to think that this would mean that there might be many stars hidden in the eyes of our eyes.

First black hole (Event Horizon Telescope) and karl schwarzschild

General relativity is considered as a continuous reaction to space-time in the presence of mass or energy. Simply put, the curvature of space-time is created due to the presence of material or substance. Till now no general relativity failed in any test. General relativity is basically some mathematical equations of gravitational force. Many of these equations can be solved. What solutions will be, depending on what kind of objects are there? One very interesting fact is that general relativity allows a very diverse solution to space-time. Due to the different reasons that the solutions are in singular or not mathematically written in any field. The main feature of these solutions is that the space curve is more inclined. It is not just a mathematical game; it is the existence of such a space-time in our known universe. The presence of this particular space-time appears in the black hole. But physics does not like the solution of this type of singular solution. The reason is that in our singularities, our known place-time mathematical concept does not work. Interestingly, nature has hidden this strange thing with an outward observer, that is, the event horizon from us. Event Horizon is the boundary of an area near the Black Hole, from which the light cannot return.

What is the Black Hole matter and how can it be considered by excluding mathematics

Suppose, the four corners of a piece of rectangular cloth are tied with four pole parallel to the ground. Now if you put a heavy force on it, it will bend the middle of the fabric to the bottom. The greater the mass of the ball, the higher the bending amount. The planets and stars have a lot of space and time in this way. But if the ball’s mass is excessive, then it will bounce more time into space. This is the case with Black Hole. In this case, the black hole bolts space-time so much that no one can come out from it. This was the general idea of ​​physicists about Black Hole.

The stars bend space-time and black holes

In the seventies, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and Jacob Beckenstein proved that black holes are not entirely black, and hope is also possible from the black hole. More clearly, the black hole also radiates energy. According to Hawking, it is called ‘Hawking radiation’. Hawking uses Quantum Mechanics to prove this fact. There is a special idea in quantum mechanics called vacuum. This is the case, a particle from zero and a pair of particles can be formed in quantum mechanics. Let’s say a pair of particles and particles, where the particle is moving away from the black hole, but every particle falling inside the black hole. The matter can be seen slightly differently from Black Hole’s perspective. Since every particle is falling within the black hole, it effectively means that the black hole is losing mass as ‘Hawking radiation’. And if this process persists, then once the black hole may be completely eroded.

But this excellent theory has developed probably the largest paradox of the history of physics. To understand the paradox, let us briefly discuss the structure of the black hole. For the purpose of fully explaining the black hole, the three components of the particle-mass, angular momentum and charge- just need three elements of the material, or exactly speaking. Other features of the object are lost in the event of the black hole incident Horizon. That means there is no way out of the way to know the information. But the ‘Hawking radiation’ that comes out of the Black Hole, is thermal radiation and very common feature. Not only this, this radiation is only dependent on the physics of black holes, so much is not known from this radiation. That means that the primary condition is responsible for the creation of black hole, all its data is lost. But this is a huge problem, because it is against the fundamental concept of physics. Physics says that information can never be lost. According to quantum mechanics, the primary condition of building our black hole can be rebuilt. And this tension is the famous Black Hole Information Paradox, which is still fascinated by many theoretical physicists of the world.

Actually there is no universal solution to this problem. For the last fifty years, many physicists have been working on this problem. This is also a reason for Stephen Hawking’s fame. But the problem is that solutions are now, they all talk about some changes in the basic structure of physics, which naturally most physicists do not like or cannot believe. We will come back to the topic later.

To write a good poem or novel, it is necessary to have good occupation of language. But at the very beginning it is necessary to know the language. The same thing applies to physics. To do something here you have to learn this language before. Those rare talents found in physics and mathematics in the near future has learned, but everyone has learned the language, and then has contributed. Those who want to study or do physics, tell them, this is a wonderful world. Learning new things every day, trying to discover the essence of creation – everything is remarkable. But there are some problems; there is no academic job in this regard. But hopefully, physics probably provides the best training, which can be applied in all other practical cases. Physics students generally do better in all other things. So there is no such thing that physics should be a physicist. The main thing is to use the training of physics correctly. In many cases, many successful people in the world such as Angela Merkel, Alan Mask, are their basic training but in physics.