Business intelligence tools comparison

Every business owner wants the best business intelligence (BI)solution for his/her company. However, the art of business intelligence tools comparison is not an easy task. With so many BI products in the market, companies are finding it hard to make the right decision. Many vendors promise to solve all business related problems and deliver all sorts of benefits to a company with their solutions. The following information is set to make the BI comparison easier. As a result, you will be able to look for the best BI tool for your business.

Business intelligence tools comparison

Factors to Consider during Business Intelligence Tools Comparison

Business intelligence tools comparison helps company owners decide which BI tools to buy. It is worth noting that a business owner should buy a BI solution that supports most of his business users’ needs. A good BI tool should provide the following:

Ease of use: A BI tool should have a user-friendly design to allow every user to navigate it easily. In fact all BI solutions should be as easy as 1, 2, 3 if not as your smartphone. If it is anything harder than that then it is likely to consume a lot of precious time using it. With BI tools that are easy to use, tasks that usually take months to complete should take only a few days. Great BI tools should also be able to provide information in a timely manner. In addition, they should be available in the most used devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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The relevance of industry:Any good BI tool should ensure that your company’s data is analyzed properly to add relevance to your business. You don’t have to keep on asking business advice from people. All you need to do is purchase a BI solution that has specialized domain knowledge in business aspects. A BI tool that is specifically suited for your industry will deliver expertise in industry-specific insights and analysis.

Integration of data features:If your company’s information is coming from many different sources, decision-making could be a problem. You may have difficulties getting the whole picture about data analysis. Buying a BI solution will help solve problems caused by multiple data sources.  An ideal BI tool uses an integrated dashboard that accesses databases from different sources to provide information. A tool that seamlessly extracts information from all data applications and puts it into one BI application will be the best for your business.

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Reporting capabilities: In most businesses the output of every information is usually presented in reports. A good BI tool should have powerful reporting capabilities. It should have a set of reports and dashboards for effective communication of insights and trends to the key decision makers. Choosing a BI tool that provides a variety of report generation features will allow you to communicate effectively. It will also allow you to present relevant information to different users.

Making the right business intelligence tools comparison can help you get the right solution for your business. The right BI solution will help your business to become more efficient. You will be able to spot areas for new growth opportunities and cost savings.