Chase Online Free Games

Do you want to play games that will keep your mind and that of your kids healthy and fresh? Chase online free games are a great way to get you started. With these games, you get to take control by chasing the target. You only get to win the chase if you are not beaten by the obstacles along the way. The following are some of the best free online chase games.

High-speed chase Online Free Games

Best Chase Online Free Games

Driving Force: This is one of the top chase online free games. In this game, you are a police officer who is chasing a group of criminals. You have to drive your car on a highway. Make sure to avoid civilians as much as possible. Remember your target is the criminals. Therefore, once you have made an eye contact with them, the game requires you to shoot and kill them. Try to destroy the target’s car and avoid crashing your car. Expect a lot of explosions and high-speed driving.

Police pursuit: This is another online chasing game where you are still a police officer, and you have to restore order in the city. You need to take out the bad guys in a tough car race through an urban environment. To start the race, you are required to set a game mode, the cause and the type of vehicle you want to use. Try as much as possible to smash your target before the given time runs out.

High-speed chase: This is yet another game in the chase online free games category, which will keep your mind busy. High-speed chase is a bit different from the two games above in that in this game you are assigned some target cars. You need to chase these cars and crash them. Every time you smash a target, you are taken to the next level.