Coin Master free spins link Facebook today

If you want a game that is easy to understand, then the mobile game Coin Master from Moon Active is the game for you. Go ahead and get Coin Master free spins link Facebook today and join the 100 million already playing. Without doubt, this is a good game to play, and you can learn how to win and protect your coins. There is a tutorial but the main thing you need to know is that you have to collect and spend coins. Without using your own cash, you can obtain coins by winning on the slots, attacking other players, or raiding their money. In fact, a spin on the Slots Machine is all you need to do.

This is where you should spend your time. You play your spins and then have to get more. If you spin 4 symbols in a row, you can get extra. The coin symbol gives more coins even if you don’t get a full reel. The hammer lets you attack another village while the pig bandit lets you attack a rival village. Lastly, the shield stops you being attacked.Also,bets are another way of gaining spins. As well, building up relationships with others is possible via a Coin Master free spins link Facebook today.

Additional Actions

Villages are the way to determine your level. So, construct 5 buildings in one and then move up a level. Coins are needed and as there are over 300 villages, a lot are necessary. In case of an attack, you can get revenge providing you can show hammers in a row on the machine. Next, select the person and go and attack. There are 9 cards in each set, and you should purchase them from chests. Thus, you should collect them all and claim the relevant reward. Moreover, card trading can take place between you and people you are connected to or can become connected to via Coin Master free spins link Facebook today. There are many advantages to using the chests too, and they are an important part of the game. As they have so many components, it will be worth reading up on them in detail.

Pets you should activate

These can help with attacks and provide bonuses. Hence, you should activate one and use their powers for 4 hours before they go back to sleep. Foxy comes first and provides more shovels during a raid. On the other hand, the tiger can provide more coins after an attack while the rhino prevents enemy attacks by at least 10% and rising.

Playing tips Coin Master free spins Facebook today 

Due to the risk of raiding, don’t build up too many coins even though you can get. There will always be something you can purchase. The same applies to spins. If you think multiplying the bet is best you would be wrong – raiding rich players will bring in more coin. However, you can get to increase them by using the Coin Master free spins link Facebook today.

Always buy up chests if you can. As a result, you won’t have to go overboard to get the missing one from a set. Remember the pets are only active for 4 hours, so don’t activate them then stop playing. Finally, remember that you can build up coins away from the game itself. You can get them via a Coin Master free spins link Facebook today.

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