Computer Parental Control Software download

There is nothing less child-friendly than the uncensored internet. The only way to keep your children safe on the internet is to use computer parental control software. Although the software does not do everything, it can at least make the parents’ lives easier. The following are the best software suited for this job.

Computer Parental Control Software download

Best Computer Parental Control Software Free Download

Quostudio: This is one of the most comprehensive computer parental control software. It comes with a full set of parental control features that protect your kids from the worst sites on the internet. The program can work on Windows, Android, Mac, Kindle, and iOS. Quostudio is free and enables you to set time schedules and rules for your kids’ internet content.

Download Quostudio computer parental control software

Open DNS Family Shield: This is a free service that blocks restricted domains. This program can run on your personal computer and mobile devices. It can be applied on the network router to filter all the traffic that goes through it. To do this, you need to change the DNS server numbers on the control panel. This in return improves the speed of your computer devices on the network.

Download Open DNS Family Shield computer parental control software

Kidlogger:This gives you a comprehensive activity logging to help you know what your kids are doing on their computers. This software monitors what your kids type as well as which websites they visit. It also records all the programs the kids have used and the screenshots they might have taken.  Kidlogger also comes with a voice sound recorder to help you monitor whom your kids might be talking to online.

Download Kidlogger computer parental control software

Spyrix: This is another best computer parental control software that allows you to know what your kids are typing and if they are in trouble. It allows you to see exactly what the kids have been doing on the internet. It may help you suspect bullying or other unpleasant activities.

Download Spyrix computer parental control software