Discover the Features of iOS 11 has to Offer

Apple’s newest software, the iOS 11, was released on September 19th and it has already made people crazy. The amazing and innovative features of iOS 11 work perfectly with the iPhone X but also with the previous versions of iPhones, such as the 7, 8 and 8+; and they also work with iPads. The features of iOS 11 vary depending on the devices they work on.

Features of iOS 11 on iPhones X

Developers created a fantastic feature by providing the iPhone X with new technology that scans facial gestures. This just-released feature enables you to do several things, for instance, unlocking the iPhone X just by scanning your face. It also allows people to create animojis – emojis that reflect your facial expressions while creating them. You could create sad, mad or happy emojis while they yell, smile or frown. The new camera features of iOS 11 change the way Apple fans will take pictures. Now iPhone devices offer a large amount of effects you can handle after taking any picture –you can alter lightning situations any way you need it to! Bad or low Lightning won’t be an obstacle anymore as you can totally fix it. A last feature is the innovative way to open the control center. Now,users don’t have to swipe the screen from bottom to top, but from the left corner of the upper side towards the bottom to change settings such as screen brightness, music playing, and etcetera.

Features of iOS 11 in other devices

Features of iOS 11 on iPads try to get the best of the huge screen size these devices offer. Now you can have more than one app opened at the same time in a very interface-attractive look. Using the bottom app dock that is now displayed not only on the main menu, you can swipe any app and make a split-screen, which will make complex tasks and multitasking even more friendly and modern. The multitasking menu is also combined with the app dock, a new characteristic that makes iPads more similar to MacBook’s, making it a good laptop replacement.

There has been some complaints about problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings since this new iOS 11 was launched. But these are minor downsides of one of the most ambitious software upgrades ever made by the Apple Company, which surely will keep them in the top of the technology food chain, against his legendary rival, Samsung.

How to download and install iOS 11 on your iPhone