Facebook Messenger android 2.1 Download

Many people do love Facebook. Facebook messenger android 2.1 download has come in to make Facebook easy to use. This platform is available to make you have an easy conversation with friends. You do not have to keep checking Facebook tab continuously. This download will notify you in case you have a new Facebook message. Facebook Messenger allows you to have a conversation directly on your desktop. This download is indeed a helpful upgrade to Facebook.

Facebook Messenger android 2.1 Download

Facebook Messenger android 2.1 Download Benefits

This messenger has a lot to offer. In fact, it has made the use of Facebook easier and interesting. Most importantly, Facebook messenger allows real time chatting. This is whereby you chat with your friends without the need of opening your browser. It makes chatting interesting, as you can send and receive messages instantly.

Facebook messenger android 2.1 download has a user-friendly interface. The site is very simple to use. For instance, in case you receive a new message, you will see a red dot. The dot notifies you that there is an incoming text. You can also know that the other person is typing. Besides messages, you also get other notifications. The notifications include; comments from other users, photos you are tagged in, posts from your friends and much more.

It is simple to customize the download. If you do not intend to make public your status, then you simply block the users. The Facebook messenger android 2.1 download ensures that your privacy is guarded. Some users will view your status and the selected few will not be able to view.

Alternatively, to receiving messages on the desktop, you can direct them to your email. This is an optional choice offered by the Facebook messenger android 2.1 download. This feature enables you to view your messages with other devices when you are away from your desktop.

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