Features of Nokia-8 | what Is a ‘Bothie

Nokia has surprised fans that were waiting for news of a new cell phone with the just launched Nokia 8. Nokia is always a step ahead of everyone else; its people have designed a new product which exceeds the expectations of all. Besides of it, the Nokia 8 has created a new way of understanding what a selfie is. All the features of Nokia-8 are beyond what people thought the next Nokia product could bring, the advantages of using this cell phone will be greater than the earlier Nokia products, and the disadvantages are barely existent!

Features of Nokia-8

Features of Nokia-8

One of the features of Nokia-8 is a super potent hardware based on a 1.8 GHz octa-core, a 64GB internal storage, and a 4GB RAM. This hardware has the option of expandable microSD storage up to 256GB. This cell phone also counts with an Android 7.1.1 operating system –one of the best out in the market right now! Another of the features of Nokia-8 is a13-megapixel Zeiss rear and front camera, being the rear camera the one which has flash. Besides this, the Nokia-8 features a multi touchscreen of 1440×2560 pixels – one of the highest resolutions a cell phone could have. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared and GPS connections are indispensable features the Nokia-8 has. It is a dual-sim phone, both nano-sims up to 3G and 4G connection

What is a ‘bothie? Nokia-8

One of the greatest developments and improvements of the Nokia-8 is what they presented as a ‘bothie. What is a ‘bothie? It is the next evolution of the selfie. What is a ‘bothie? It is the newest aesthetic way of taking a normal picture or video with the rare camera and a selfie at the same time. What is a ‘bothie? It is the most creative way of capturing what you are doing, where and with whom while expanding the standards of perspectives normally understood by people. With this new type of technology, the content people share on social media will be wider and different, the beloved memories people save for the future are going to have more than one perspective and will show twice as much in just one shoot. What is a ‘bothie? It is one of the greatest new steps of development of the Nokia Company, and one of the most-wanted perks people would love to have and to use in their daily life.

The disadvantages of these cell phones are few. Its battery cannot be removed – a little problem if your phone freezes. There has not been a word yet about if it is waterproof or not. If not, that would be another disadvantage for some consumers. Another thing that could be a downside for people is its weight – 160 g. It would be one of the heaviest cell phones out in the market right now. The last thing few people might find as a disadvantage is that there is no FM connection available.

All the features of Nokia-8 make it one of the most desired phones. The date when this cell phone will be released is still not concrete. The only known thing right now is that it will be released in September and that everybody is craving this cell phone.