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Companies need business intelligence tools in order to analyze all their data and information. One question that every company owner asks is whether there are free business intelligence tools out there. As a business grows, everyone wants a business intelligence solution that is cost effective.

Free Business Intelligence Tools Download for Desktop

Best Free Business Intelligence Tools Free Download

The following are the best free business intelligence tools every business owner should know about.

ClicData: This business intelligence solution offers a free version of their software called ClicData Personal. It allows users to access free dashboards and turn CSV and Excel files into useful data that is organized smoothly. It also gives its users 1 GB of data storage.

BIRT: A business intelligence solution used to create data visualizations and reports. These can later be embedded into a web application. Its main components include a runtime platform for generating designs, charting engine and a visual report designer.

Helical Insight: Provides visualizations, e-mail scheduling, multi-tenancy and exporting. It also provides a user role management and an API- driven framework. These two allow users to add new functionalities.

Jedox: Provides mobile and desktop devices with beautiful reporting and powerful planning. This business intelligence tool gives an interactive experience with real-time modeling features. The cloud version has a 14-day trial, and the on-premise version has a 30-day trial.

Microsoft Power Business Intelligence: Provides users with dashboards that can present insights from Google Analytics, Salesforce, and other platforms. These features are integrated both in desktop and mobile devices. It also offers users with 1GB data usage limit per day.

Reportserver: This free business intelligence tools integrates various reporting engines into a single user interface. Its main aim it to allow users to use the right analytics tool at the right time and for the right purpose. It also provides free enterprise and community tier solutions.

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