How to find lost android mobile

Everyone has got the trouble of losing the phone.How to find lost android mobile? The mobile hidden in sofa cage, or left in the office file, or in the house – surrounded by anxiety surrounds you. Make sure to call from any other number, maybe there is no way! The cell itself was kept in silent mode for work! Google offers the chance to get rid of such pain.

How to find lost android mobile Just follow these five steps

  1. Do you remember the Gmail ID that you use for your Android mobile? However, first enter this address on any computer (https: // www. android / find). Login with your Gmail ID and password there. Then there will be an option called Find My Device, which is your initial step to finish the process.
  2. This step will work only if your device’s location option is turned on. See your mobile brand and model number on the server and Google Map will find it. The information received from the mobile will be displayed on the Google Map through the server. Remember, the potential nearby locations will be shown here.
  3. If the mobile is shown in your area, use the option PLAY SOUND. As a result, your mobile phone ringtone can be played from the computer. Mobile is silent, but there is no problem, five minutes will tell you mobile.
  4. But if the mobile is truly lost and you do not find the chance to find it quickly, then you can take action to lock the mobile. Setting a lock with a password can set. After the rescue, he can unlock the set with the password.
  5. But if all the expectations of set rescues are hazardous, then this is your last resort. If you do not have any important information on the mobile, you can take it too. Using the ERASE DATA option, you can delete all data on mobile. If the mobile is offline, whenever it comes online it will be deleted immediately. But this will not open the way to get help with Google’s help. However, if you find the set you can use it again with Gmail ID.