How to fix a slow laptop

It is common problem laptop is slow. So how to fix a slow laptop? Laptops or computers have become the mainstay of human work in recent times due to the introduction of work from home for the Corona epidemic. As a result, the laptop is becoming slow due to various work pressures throughout the day. As a result, users are facing various problems in speeding up any work. Follow the instruction for prevent slow laptop.

How to fix a slow laptop for fast work?

In such a situation, many people may think that the laptop is getting worse this time. Many people re-format the system; many people have to buy new laptops. Just if you need follow a few small instructions from home, your slow laptop will be become fast again. Here are some tips that will make the device run much faster than before.

Do not open multiple tabs

For the convenience of working, most of the users work with multiple tabs opens at once, so that each result is in front of their eyes and work can be done very quickly. But keep in mind, the more tabs you keep open in your browser, the more pressure you put on your device’s RAM or processor. As a result, your device will become extremely slow.

Remove unused programs

Is there a program on your laptop that you downloaded several months ago, but never used? If so, uninstall them quickly. It is play a very actual role in slowing down the laptop.

Even if you don’t use it, you may unknowingly run multiple hidden programs in the background of the laptop, which slows down your device. However you can do this, you can go to task Manager by press Ctrl + Shift + Esc together and check it all are any needless programs running in the background. Click on mouse right button the program you want to close, and then click ‘End Task’.

Restart your device

Again you can restart your laptop is a great way to speed up your laptop. For the reason clears the memory of your device temporary cache, making your laptop work much faster than before. Also, whenever you get a notification to update the operating system on your laptop, doesn’t forget to update immediately. So mind it operating system updates also play an essential role in fast-moving up your slow laptop. How to fix a slow laptop ? It is common problem.

Turn off startup application

When you turn on the laptop, several programs open automatically. All are startup app are secretly created on your device over time and gradually affect the performance of your laptop. So stop this unnecessary rom home, the slow laptop will startup programs immediately. To do this, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc simultaneously, go to the Task Manager and go to the expanded view, then navigate to the ‘Startup’ tabs and close them.

Clean the recycle bin how to fix a slow laptop

Users should occasionally empty the recycle bin. All the documents that you delete from the system or laptop are left in the recycle bin, which means your recycle bin is filled. You can also use the Shift + Delete command and by doing this you can permanently delete your file.

Do not keep more than one antivirus in your system

A registered antivirus is sufficient for PC or laptop. In this case the PC slows down after installing two programs or a firewall program.