Icecream Apps Screen Recorder Download

Thanks to Icecream apps screen recorder, phone users can now save any on-screen activity as a screenshot or a video file. It is an exceptional screen recording tool with powerful features. Users can record what they are doing with an app for the purposes of tutorials and many more. It is easy to use and enables the user to professionally screen capture anything. It also includes a microphone and audio capturing tools.

Benefits of Using Icecream Apps Screen Recorder

The major benefit of using this tool is the number of powerful features it offers. Users can record games, capture webcam, take a screenshot of a selected area, record streaming videos, and do so much more.

Another key benefit of using icecream apps screen recorder is the five available recording modes. It includes the custom recording area, previously selected area, around the mouse, full screen, and area auto-detection. The full screen recording area is the most commonly used mode that involves capturing the whole screen. Around mouse is the area selected with the mouse. Area auto-detection is a program used to sense the recording area automatically. Lastly, the previously selected area allows you to record a prior selected area.

Moreover, you can zoom in and out when recording except for the around mouse recording mode. You can also take advantage of the additional webcam window. The size of this window can be adjusted and be moved around. You can cut out any unnecessary recorded parts, add a watermark or add shapes or text.


Icecream apps screen recorder is a handy recording app. It lets you take a snapshot of your screen and then edit and customize them with its powerful tools. It lets you do so much more whether you are making tutorials or want to share your game skills. Furthermore, you can select an area on your screen and record it without any hassle.

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