Internet accelerator download Manager

Internet accelerator download is a download manager, which is established by the American company Tonec. It is based in New York City.   It is also called internet download manager. Internet accelerator download is only available for the Microsoft Windows

Operating system Internet accelerator download

However Internet accelerator download is a tool, which gives us schedule and manage downloads.It relates to network and internet tools.       

   It has resume and recovery capacity to restore the separated downloads to lose the network, connection and power issues. Internet accelerator download supports broad range such as a HTTP protocols, firewall, FTP, MP3 audio, MPEG video processing and redirected cookies.

The current installation package is attainable for download hold 6.9 MB on disk. PC program deals with the following extension Idaf. This software is the knowing property of the West Byte software. However every download was checked by our antivirus system and it is very safe. The software include for the most frequent installation filename- such as: IDA.exe, Internet Accelerator Download.exe, ida.exe etc.Therefor the most frequently downloaded by the program users following these versions: 6.7, 6.8 and 6.19.

To the developer Internet accelerator download

The great features of the Internet Accelerator download are overall excellent representation and expedient user interface.  Internet Accelerator download IDAAVC lets you increase the speed of file download, the internet protocols using FTP, HTTP and HTTPS. The acceleration is being downloaded a file numerous part and downloading all parts at the same time.

So you may want to use more software as like as: Free FTP, Download Accelerator and Download Accelerator Manager. These are related to Internet Download Accelerator.


For faster downloading divides downloads into multiple streams.

Batch downloads

Download Import/Export jobs

Updating download address (Auto/Manual)       

 Show recent download list.

 Video downloading from streaming video sites.

  Dynamic segment throughout the download process.

   Internet accelerator download supports all kinds of web browsers, such as: Google chrome,   Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft    Edge, Flock, and Firefox etc.

  Multiple queues.

  At least 15% increase in the speed of downloads.         

  Auto authentication of user’s passwords and names.

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