Internet Download Manager free download

Internet Download Manager is the perfect solution for frustrated people who got tired of the predetermined download managers of their main browsers. These software grant its customers an enormous amount of tools capable of completing and optimizing the downloading process of several file formats. There is no better way to speed up downloads and to store all the files you require than by the use of a download manager such as IDM, which gives an easy-step process as well as a simple-looking interface.

Internet Download Manager free download

Internet Download Manager is an amazing option for you and here are the reasons why

Unique Features

  • Internet Download Manager is able to support all main browsers like Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
  • It has the ability to accelerate download speed over 5 times above average in multiple and simultaneous downloads.
  • It also can resume paused or broken downloads in consequence of power issues or low connection.
  • I count with an integrated anti-virus check for download files.
  • It has a unique feature to limit download size to better personalize the performance.
  • It supports multi proxies and it has website spider and grabber.
  • It is a multi-language app, a reward coming from the universal success it has for its incredible functions.
  • It offers constant advice for beginners every time the user enters the platform.

The only con about this software

There is a common con people who are related to Internet Download Manager often argue about. This con is the terrible old-fashioned look it has. Its interface was first created for Windows 95, and it has not been changed since then. This grant some memory-consuming advantages but it is still a vague reason for keeping this look through time.

This is for a huge number of people the best downloading manager app in the market. If you can spare the interface and the price, Internet Download Manager will do its job flawlessly. Once you try it, you will not need any other software of this type.