iPhones features compared to android

Are you sincerely looking for a new Smartphone? iPhones features compared to android will amaze you. Once you discover these iPhone features compared to android, you will decide whether an iPhone is better than an Android phone and vice versa. As well as features, you should reflect on things such as pricing, apps, overall design, and usability.

iPhones features compared to android: Which is better?

Apple iPhone models are numerous, including iPhone 6, 6s Plus, 7, 7plus, iOS 8 and so on. They all offer incredibly helpful features and other advantages. iPhones features compared to android results in a tight spot situation. That’s because Android-powered phones have equally useful features and more benefits. All the same, we feel that Android phones might be a better pick.  They are produced by various companies, unlike iPhones that come from Apple. You can pick Androids from Motorola, Samsung, HTC, LG and other larger brands. On the other hand, you can only compare one Apple iPhone against another item from Apple.

Some Android-powered phones’ battery is rechargeable and convenient while iPhone’s battery loss can result to a serious downtime. Another reason why Androids are more preferable is that they are money savers. If you are lucky, you can get a phone on offer for free. It will have phone plan activations and upgrade plans from large American carriers. IPhones are generally expensive. Moreover, Android phones lack the strict design parameters seen on iPhones. So, a customer can select the best gadget among the widest range of lovely phone designs.  It is also good to know that most Android gadgets offer expandable memory cards. This makes them more versatile, easy to customize.

While iPhone mobiles have excellent quality, they are just starting to have features that have been in Androids for quite some time. Hence after reviewing the pros and cons of iPhone features compared to android, we would suggest getting an Android-powered phone rather than an iPhone. You will be able to pick a product that matches your current budget range.