League of Legends Online Game Multiplayer Battle Arena

League of Legends is a highly competitive online game that is free to play. League of Legends online game allows you take control of your hero and defeat your enemies. It is a game that allows you to command a champion as you fight to be victorious.  With League of Legends, you are supposed to send the champions to battle. You are then required to use their powerful strengths in order to conquer the fantasy world provided.

Play League of Legends Online Game Multiplayer Battle Arena 
  • Initial release date: October 27, 2009
  • Developer: Riot Games
  • Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena
  • Designers: Steve Feak, Colt ‘Ezreal’ Hallam, Christina Norman, Tom Cadwell, Rob Garrett
  • Awards: BAFTA Games Award for Persistent Game, Golden Joystick Award for Online Game of the Year
  • Publishers: Garena, Riot Games, Tencent

About League of Legends Online Game Multiplayer Battle Arena

League of Legends online game lays in the category of massively online battle arena games. Once you start the adventure, you are required to choose your own summoner. With this, you can be able to battle other players out. These battles take place in different virtual places such as the Summoner’s Rift. In this place, you are required to be a team of five people. Each team tries to attack their enemies’ side by destroying their turrets. The other five opposing players will constantly try to prevent you from achieving your goal.

League of Legends allows you to equip your champion with a variety of items that will help them overcome the obstacles on the way. With this, you are able to improve their speed or health.  There are various champions in this game, and every week you can be able to try out a new champion.

Champions in the League of Legends online game have unique capabilities as well as weaknesses. Some champions may be faster than others or may do more damage than others. Others are best played defensively. No matter the champion you choose you need to master their skills. You also need to use good strategies when competing with other players in this game. But whatever you do, you will surely have a good time playing this game. Join millions of people playing League of Legends and have endless fun.

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