Microsoft Clip Organizer Download Free

Clip Organizer is a member of Microsoft Office family. Microsoft Clip Organizer download free allows you to organize and manage various clip art media across the Microsoft Office products. The application enables you to search for various media clips for use in presentations or in Microsoft Office documents. Clip Organizer comes with additional media clips and clip art that may not be available in the original installation of Microsoft Office.
Microsoft Clip Organizer free Download 2017

System Requirement

Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8 and 10
Language: English
Price: Free
File size: … MB
Version: 000
Publisher: Microsoft

Microsoft Clip Organizer Download Free

The term clip art means a type of computer drawn or hand drawn illustration that can be used for various purposes. Microsoft Clip Organizer download free allows you to create documents with clip art and so much more. You can create documents with drawn images such as congratulatory banners, birthday cakes, cars among others.

The Clip Organizer classifies your media clips into My Collections and Office Collections. These two appear in the collection list. When you create your own clips, they are placed under My Collections automatically. For example, you might instruct Clip Organizer to scan for videos or photos on your hard disk. If it finds any media on your hard disk, it will create anew collection with names matching the existing folders on your hard disk. If the video clips and photos are found in the root directory with no folder associated with them, Clip Organizer adds these files to the Unclassified Clips folder.

Microsoft Clip Organizer download free also provides a Favorites collection feature where you can store your favorite clips for easy access. If you have downloaded your clips from Microsoft Office Online Clip Art, they will be saved under the Downloaded Clips folder. If you have clips that you share with your friends, they are automatically saved under the Shared Collections. Clips that are shared by several people in an organization will be stored in the file server by default.

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