Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Microsoft’s manager is a management tool to help control several devices at one time. Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager enables managing desktops and other devices on the same network.

Moreover, managers can link virtual devices and servers to the same configuration manager. So, it will help to protect the data and controlling it remotely from one place. Worth mentioning that it is a complex system large companies use. Mostly, they use it to manage devices on the same network.

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager: A powerful tool to manage your network

The software was developed by Microsoft with the name System Center Configuration Management (SCCM). Before that, it was simple management software under the name Systems Management Server (SMS). Today, it is a very complex tool with a bunch of features and abilities.

The latest update of this system was in 2019. This was when Microsoft integrated several applications under the same name. The new name is now “Microsoft endpoint manager”. With this new update, users can operate the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, Intune, and desktop analytics.

Obtaining the license of both the configuration manager and Intune will enable using both features. These include using the configuration manager on a cloud-based service. Thus, integrating the configuration manager to cloud services to control devices. For example, users can update software, download apps, change operating systems and monitor the connected devices.

Further, Microsoft Intune is a powerful cloud service on its own. It can work on both Android and IOS devices. As part of the Endpoint manager, admins can deploy settings to all their network devices. Moreover, they can check those devices for compliance.

How to get the new update?

If you are an old user of the Configuration Manager, you can just update the software. This will enable you to get the new features of the system. However, if you are using an iOS or Android device, you should obtain a new license.

Whereas users who are already using the previous Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager but don’t need the cloud are different. They can simply continue with the old system under the new name.

Another option is to get a Microsoft 365 license. In this case, you will enjoy a full suite of Microsoft program features. These features include the office and the new Endpoint Manager.

Enrolling devices into Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Since Microsoft Manager controls a large number of devices, several devices can have the manager’s role. Yet, devices should have the new Endpoint Manager’s license. A device enrollment manager (DEM) account can have control over other devices. Also, it can manage other accounts’ ability to access or change data.

There are several methods to add DEM accounts. These methods depend on the device type as Android or iOS.  Also, it depends on whether it is a personal or a company’s device.

Many corporates need Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager nowadays. With the modern age we are living in today, a complex and secure system like this one is a must. It allows to remotely manage work. Besides, ensuring all devices have the necessary security requirements.