Microsoft Expression Encoder Download

Microsoft Expression Encoder is a transcoding and video editing software for devices that use Microsoft windows. It is used for screen recording for the purpose of sharing. The encoder uses an updated audio and video encoding.  In addition, it also has a live broadcasting application that is intended to generate content that will make good use of the rich graphics. One can also come up with media video and audio files that can support other web playback. These are good for playback on portable devices. It is composed of a graphic user interface that relies on window presentation foundation.

It was developed by Microsoft in September 2007. The final version was released in November 2011. It uses windows XP operating system which works well on DirectX, NET framework, Silverlight, AviSynth and Quick time platforms.

Microsoft Expression Encoder history

On September 6th 2007, version 1.0 was released to manufacturing. In March 2008 a beta of version 2.0 was released. It included video coding format codecs (simple, main and advanced profiles). In May 2008, version 2.0 was released to manufacturing. Microsoft Expression Encoder 3 put on multi-channel audio output, screen capture for videos and more built in device profiles. Version 4 added screen capture upgrades, internet information services live smooth streaming and advanced video coding encoder. Version 4.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) was released in January 2011 with a number of added features as well. Service Pack 2 (SP2) was released on November 2nd 2011 with about 300 bugs fixed and ready for use.

Microsoft expression encoder editions

Microsoft expression encoder comes in three different editions. Firstly, there is the pro-edition, which comes with all the features and can be found in retail or volume licensing. Secondly, there is the pro edition without codecs. This one does not contain royalty incurring codecs. It can also not support advanced audio coding formats neither can it open MPEG-2, AVCHD and Dolby digital formats. The last one is the express edition, which contains the same limitations as the pro edition without codecs. It does not accommodate live streaming.

How to Download Microsoft Expression Encoder

The first step is to open your browser. Search the web for Microsoft expression encoder or you can as well use a link. Open the link and click the download option on the screen. Remember there are several download options you can choose from. Download the one that suites you most. After downloading, a software will come up which you can use to edit your encoder. You can then try out you encoder to see if it works according to your expectations or to its function descriptions.

Limitations of Microsoft Expression Encoder

The encoder however cannot encode video in windows media format older than the 9th version. Microsoft expression encoder mostly uses Quick time to decode video format, but Media foundation which is comprised in Windows 7 can decode the mp4 format.


In conclusion to the above, downloading the Microsoft Expression Encoder is moderately priced compared to other applications out there. If one owns the older versions, he or she can upgrade to version 4 at a fair price as well. Whatever you need to create, Microsoft Expression Encoder has got a program for you to do it. From encoding media in various forms to creating terrific images, this is the go-to software to download.