Microsoft Flight Simulator Download

Not everyone gets to be a pilot in real life. However, this has changed since the introduction of the Microsoft Flight Simulator back in 1982. The game allows you to live your dream in a virtual world where you get to soar through the skies. Over the years, the game has been updated to meet the modern age standards. But of all the updates, the Microsoft Flight Simulator X will definitely knock your shoes off. It was released in 2006 as an update to the Microsoft Flight Simulator download 2004, and it has been getting update patches to keep it with modern gaming standards. The game provides a mind boggling user experience and tons of enjoyment. Here are some of the reasons why you should download the game for your pc.

Unmatched high-resolution terrain graphics Microsoft Flight Simulator

First of all, the game provides unmatched high-resolution terrain graphics. It employs the use of an auto-generator module that makes the world in which you fly in as realistic as in can be. As you move your plane, the terrain beneath and around you changes making it even more realistic. Clear visuals of aspects such as weather or water masses surpass the expectations of most gamers. The game developers made all the efforts to mirror our reality into the game. From clear night skies with stars to accurate imitation of a plane’s cockpit, the graphic experience is to die for.

Limitless gaming options

Microsoft Flight Simulator X also has about 50 missions that you can engage in the deluxe version of the game. The standard version provides about 30 missions that will keep you awake all night long. On top of that, the game has a free flight mode that allows for limitless gaming options. You can fly around in the game to any destination of your choice. Although you will have to purchase the deluxe version of the game, the version will be worth every penny.

Fly various aircrafts

The game also provides numerous options for types of aircraft and locations. You can choose to fly to and from any of the 24,000 airports available of the game. You also get to soar through the skies to places that you could only dream of going in real life. The Microsoft Flight Simulator download X provides one with options of flying various aircraft such as the Boeing F/A-18 Hornet or the Mooney M-20-M Bravo.

Low Specs PC can do

For those with low-end computer systems, they are lucky. The game has systems requirements that can be found in low-spec computers. Your PC should have a Pentium 3 CPU version or higher, with CPU speeds of 1GHz, a minimum RAM of 512 MB for Windows Vista, a ROM of 15 gigabytes and a 32MB video card. With these requirements, you get to enjoy the game with minimal lagging and glitches.

Downloading the Microsoft Flight Simulator X would be the best decision that you make for your gaming life today. You are guaranteed to fall in love with game, and probably stay awake all night enjoying your simulated life as a pilot.

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