Microsoft Games Free Download

Microsoft store is packed with hundreds of games that are compatible with nearly all devices. Even more, you can find Microsoft games free download option for most of them. Although they are not as much as other app stores, you will surely find something that grabs your attention all day.

Microsoft Games Free Download

How to play Microsoft games free download?

To use any of the free games, you just need a Microsoft account. Typically, if you are using any of Microsoft apps, you already have one. However, if it is your first time on the Microsoft website, just sign up for an account. It is pretty easy and doesn’t require many steps. After that, go to the store, browse the games and download your favorite ones.

Some of the games are compatible with all Microsoft devices. Others will allow you to play on console devices like Xbox. Moreover, some of the games are also available on Android devices.

Additionally, Microsoft always updates these games, especially those series games as Asphalt and Angry Birds. Each new update becomes more thrilling and adventurous. Moreover, the graphics are improved offering a better playing experience.

Microsoft Games Free Download

There are many games to explore in the store. If you are into easy simple games go for something like Candy Crush. On the other side, if you like wars and fighting, you will find World of Warfare Robots for example.

For racing, Asphalt 9 is the best option you will find on the Microsoft store. You can play it on an Android device. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of the amazing graphics features and high-quality performance. However, it is always better to play such a game on a bigger screen.

Also, Hill Climb Racing is one of the most famous Microsoft games free download. It is a simple game that gets more difficult when you reach higher levels. Although it is easy to understand, it offers more challenges with each new level. Thus, you will never get bored of it.

For those who love planning and building strategies, the Age of Empires is the game to go for. It takes you to very old ages where you build castles and defend your empire. Moreover, it has the multiplayer mode option where you combat with your friends, each with his empire. Hence, it is a game that will consume most of your time and teach you some strategic skills. Nowadays, it is easy to find Microsoft games free download with the same quality as paid ones. Therefore, you will enjoy playing either a solo or multiplayer mode. At the same time, it won’t break your budget.  

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