Microsoft Intellipoint Software Download Windows 7

Microsoft Intellipoint software allows you to customize the features of your mouse to fit your needs. With Microsoft Intellipoint software download Windows 7 you can assign different tasks to the mouse buttons.  Some of these tasks include shortcuts, commands, and specific application functions. You can also change the already available features. For example, you can update the horizontal scrolling and change your mouse speed.
Download Microsoft Intellipoint Software for windows

System Requirement

Operating System: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 / 8 and 10
Language: English
Price: Free
File size: 21.4 MB
Version: 8.2
Publisher: Microsoft

Microsoft Intellipoint Software Download Windows 7

Allows you to reassign mouse buttons to perform commands such as Copy and Undo. You can use the Microsoft Intellipoint software to reassign tasks even on the wheel button of the mouse. You can access each application on your computer through the different commands assigned to your mouse using the Microsoft Intellipoint software.  You can even configure the software to update automatically.

The Microsoft Intellipoint software automatically detects you mouse model. For people who have more than one mouse attached to their computers, each mouse button can be configured to perform different tasks. Your Microsoft keyboard and mouse works normally before installing the Microsoft Intellipoint software. Installing this software allows your keyboard and mouse to perform in full functionality. You can easily access Microsoft Intellipoint software features by opening System Preferences and clicking on the Microsoft Mouse.

With Microsoft Intellipoint software download Windows 7 users can configure mouse buttons to run any executable application. They can even define the mouse buttons to perform specific functions in a chosen program. Users can have a great scrolling experience with a mouse that has smooth scroll wheels. Microsoft Intellipoint software also offers bio metric support for an advanced identity management. If you are using a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, for example, you will are required to install Windows XP with service pack 2.
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