Microsoft Malware Scanner Free Download

Microsoft provides next generation breach protection and antivirus solutions to make Windows secure. With Microsoft Malware Scanner free download, you can now enhance you computer security in homes, enterprises and small business. This program is free and comes with the best and latest downloadable definitions. It uses specialized scans to locate and remove highly destructive viruses and threats. The tool offers extensive offline scan and cleaning capabilities. Microsoft Malware Scanner only scans when triggered manually. It is recommended that one downloads the latest version of the tool before starting a scan.

Microsoft Malware Scanner Free Download

Microsoft Malware Scanner Free Download for Windows 10

Microsoft Malware Scanner free download runs on all Windows platform. In order to start a scan, you need to download the tool and open it. You should then select the type of scan you are willing to run and start the scan. Once the tool is done scanning, it will display a list of the identified malware on the screen. In the event that you want to remove this tool, you just need to delete its executable file.

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Since its release, Microsoft has been very clear that Microsoft Malware Scanner should not be used as an antivirus. This is because the tool does not provide protection against viruses. It only removes viruses that are already there in your system.  These must be ones that Microsoft has termed as the most important and dangerous threats. Microsoft Malware Scanner only updates once a month. This is different from a normal antivirus that updates daily, at least.

You can run Microsoft Malware Scanner free download manually any time. You can choose to run either a full scan or the default quick scan. In addition you can run the tool as many times as you need in a month especially when your computer seems to be behaving strangely. To do this you need to make sure that you are running the latest version of Microsoft Malware Scanner so that you can get definite notifications of infections.

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