Microsoft Train Simulator Download

Ever heard of car and plane simulator games? Might you be finding it a little bit cliché? You should then try out the Microsoft Train Simulator download! Driving trains may seem boring, but this game re-invents the train driving concept. For most millennials, the concept of locomotive steam engines is foreign. With this game, you get to enjoy life in the tracks.  You get to enjoy steering one of the most popular modes of transport in the 90s. The game was created and released in 2001 by Microsoft and British developer Kuju. Here is a brief review of the Microsoft Train Simulator download.

Microsoft Train Simulator Download

Microsoft Train Simulator comes with high quality visuals and audio relaying

First of all, the game provides high quality visuals and audio relaying. For a more realistic effect, the sound effects of the game were recorded from an actual train. The game also provides a good trackside views with a touch of weather effects that help bring the game to life. More so, you get to have a detailed view of various train models in breathtaking scenery when selecting the train you wish to drive. However, the visuals are not as dynamic as other simulators. This is due to the fact that driving trains leaves little room for adventurous eyes.

Microsoft Train Simulator comes with easy to handle controls.

The game has easy to handle controls. A comprehensive tutorial is provided so as to guide you how to control steam, diesel and electric trains. The basic controls are just the throttle, brakes and reverse keys. Sophistications only kick in when driving a steam engine as you have to worry about pressure and water supply to the engine. The game also provides several driver aids such as the track monitor which helps you to be aware of the track details such as curves, speed limits etc.

Microsoft Train Simulator comes with diversified tracks

If you are considering a Microsoft Train Simulator download, then you should be prepared to carry out several game activities in various train tracks. With tracks over America, Japan and Europe, the missions are thus diversified. However, with limited capabilities of a train, the missions tend to feel like mirror images of themselves, only with minor changes. Free roam options are also available if you wish to adventure the various tracks and stations in the different continents.

Microsoft Train Simulator gives a relaxed gaming experience

The actions you can perform with a train are very limited. You can only go forward or backwards. Speeding past other trains, as with cars, can only be done in your wildest dreams. With the completion of more missions, you can easily get bored since you need to repeat the same actions over and over again. The Microsoft Train Simulator download is for those who prefer relaxed gaming experiences and do not mind the repetitive nature of the game.

In conclusion, the Microsoft Train Simulator download can provide a new gaming experience. However, if you are into more thrilling and fast-action games, then this might not be a suitable pic for you. All in all, you should always try something new and different as much as you can and this simulator is a good place to start.