Microsoft WinZip Free Download

Opening, creating and sharing zip files has been made easier and faster with Microsoft WinZip. Microsoft WinZip free download provides a streamlined file compression, creation and sharing functionality. The application provides more ease of use than ever and lets you handle large files safely. Microsoft WinZip allows you to compress a variety of file formats such as .zip, .zipx, 7z, RAR, and so much more. You can then share these files on social media.

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Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM

Microsoft WinZip Free Download Description

Microsoft WinZip free download is one of the most popular applications for compressing and decompressing files. With this program, you can create self-extracting files and protect the musing unique passwords. Microsoft WinZip allows you to share your zipped files with your friends. It is compatible with most web mail and mail clients. Some of these include Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, and Gmail.

Microsoft WinZip comes with an easy to use wizard and a user-friendly interface. It has a remarkable rate of compression and decompression of files. With this program, transferring big files is no longer a problem. Microsoft WinZiphas the ability to work with a variety of cloud storage services. You can download and upload files on the cloud very easily. The best part about compressing and decompressing files using Microsoft WinZip is the fact that the program does not decrease the quality of the original file.

With Microsoft WinZip free download,you can choosefrom a wide variety of encryption options. This is an amazing feature for people who wantto send confidential files. You can also be able to create file backups to avoid loss of data. You can then burn these backups into CDs or DVDs for future use. Microsoft WinZip is perfect for beginners. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS X, and Android. This allows you to enjoy its features on smartphones, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

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