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It is the duty of every IT administrator to know what is happening in the network he manages. The best way to do this is to carry out a detailed inventory of every device that is connected to the network using Network Inventory Advisor. Network Inventory Advisor is a network management tool for Windows Operating System. It is used to collect data on network devices in order to get detailed hardware and software statistics.Network Inventory Advisor does not require any agents for it to be installed on a remote system. This is a third-party program and all you need is an account with administrator rights to be able to retrieve detailed information. Once everything is properly set up, Network Inventory Advisor can be used without any specific network expertise.  You don’t even need to specify the IP address range. All you need to dois just accept the installation wizard’s defaults and the program will start scanning your network system.

Features of Network Inventory Advisor

With Network Inventory Advisor, IT specialists can be able to collect information about various devices across the network, audit installed hardware and software and keep track of various changes in the network. This program is able to scan PCs running on Linux, Windows, and Mac. It allows network administrators to group the inventoriedsoftware and hardware by version, type, publisher, etc.

The current version of Network Inventory Advisoreven allows users to specify the status of software usage and add notes to software titles. With this program, you will not only be able to filter different software using multiple parameters but also build flexible reports. In addition, the program notifies the network administrator automatically whenever there is a change on a software node.

A Brief about Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor also allows you to keep track of various hardware devices in the network. Collecting data on your assets, hard drives, CPU speeds, network adapters, video, motherboard, memory, audio, peripherals and more has never been this easy. With this program, you can even schedule network scans and have reports sent directly to your email, have them exported to specific network location or simply uploaded to your server.

More Features of Network Inventory Advisor

Computer inventory: All your audit reports are stored in one place. Network Inventory Advisor comes with several types of scanning capabilities to ensure that the computer inventory process is fast and reliable. You can take an inventory of any computer running on Mac, Linux, or Windows OS in your network system even if the computer is offline.

Asset management: Network Inventory Advisor allows you to add assets that are not IT related to the inventory. With this program, you can keep track of standalone assets like your office furniture, keyboards, printers, and even sound devices.

Network management: Network Inventory Advisor keepsyour network running efficiently and smoothly. By allowing you to keep track of your software and hardware resources, you are able to know what device needs to be repaired or upgraded. The Program also comes with system performance, configuration, and security management,just to mention a few.

Software licensing management: With Network Inventory Advisor you are able to stay compliant with the vendor requirements. You can easily check if you have the right license of the installed software. The program collects compliance information from over 500 independent software vendors including Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe, etc.


Network Inventory Advisor is indeed a lifesaver for network administrators who lack enough time to carry our manual inventory on their network hardware and software. This program has helped them stay informed on what is happening around the network. It has also made it easy for them to perform system repair and upgrades. It is worth noting that this program is free for networks that have less than ten nodes.

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