Network Monitoring Software Free Download

With the current technology it’s easier to know what is going on in your network ad solve it before it becomes an issue.  Network monitoring software free download provides a free program that will enable you to scan the host connected to your network and help you recognize intruders. The software automatically scans the network you connected to, and once a scan is finished the program displays all the hosts connected to the current network. Here are many network monitoring programs in the market today. Below are the top two.

Network Monitoring Software Free Download

Best Two Network Monitoring Software Free Download

Network Inventory Advisor: This is an award winning software and also one of the best network monitoring software free download in the market. You can use it to scan both large and small networks in search of unauthorized applications. This software can accommodate information from up to more than 50,000 devices and can run on windows operating systems.

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Nagios: it is a powerful network monitoring software managing your systems, applications and services and ensures they are always running. It provides services such as event handling, alerting and reporting. Once you have this software it becomes the heart of application that contains the core monitoring engine and basic web. The free version of Nagios is perfect for smaller environments and will monitor up to seven stations.

Apart from the two networks monitoring software stated above there are more than 20 similar programs in the market. It all depends what one wants to use on their network. So, even if your network is protected from unauthorized access with a password there is a possibility that someone could have connected to it without your knowledge. A network monitoring software free download is easy to acquire. You will just need to get one from a web browser that supports the website and run it on your PC without incurring extra charges.

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