PC Inspector File Recovery Download

Some computer problems can be so serious and disappointing. PC inspector file recovery download provides instant solutions to these problems, luckily. It refers to a small software tool that can recover deleted files, lost data and undetectable drives. The PC inspector file recovery software does its work even when a disk has been formatted. It has a user interface that is so easy to navigate. As well, the tool has a few tabs on the left side of the window that enables the user to open the drive. As well, you can use these tabs to save files to the hard disk, locate lost data and access the user documents.  As soon as you download this tool, select a logical drive. After the scanning process is over, choose content from the “Deleted” folder. Then, save this content to the hard disk.

PC Inspector File Recovery Download

How the works PC inspector file recovery download

With your PC inspector file recovery download, you can now go to the Tools menu and find lost data. Also, you can choose Start Sector and End Sector to restrict the search. The outcome will be displayed in the lost folder. If you have a deleted file, repeat the search process. Do not hesitate to carry out any function just because your disk is formatted. This software is a genius application that will do everything you want. Should a volume be lost, choose a physical drive and then click “Find logical drives”. To be thorough, preview your results to determine that the format is correct. Then save content to the hard disk.

Professional Data Recovery Software Download

A PC inspector file recovery download does a proper job of retrieving files of different formats: JPG, AVI, WAV, PNG, ZIP, and EXE. It uses a relatively small amount of system resources to do its work. Boasting a well-designed help file, this software scans fast depending on how big a recovery task is.  This is a wonderful tool that most people like. You will also need it to recover your lost files, data and hard drive.