QuickTime Player for Windows 10 Free Download

QuickTime is the media player mostly found in Mac. If you are switching from Mac to a Windows PC, then you will need QuickTime player for Windows 10. This will help you not forget about the amazing features this software comes with. You will need to add this app on your own since it is not installed in the Windows PCs by default.

QuickTime Player for Windows 10 Free Download

Category: Media Players
Last Updated: 2017-06-26
File size: 39.96 MB
Rating: 5 Star
Operating system: Windows 10 (64/32 bit)
Compatible with: Windows 7,8/8.1,XP,Vista

QuickTime Player for Windows 10: What You Need to Know

Apple allows Windows users to download and add QuickTime player to their personal computers easily. Once you have QuickTime Player for Windows 10, you can be able to enjoy a lot of things. You can be able to play high definition videos that are streamed online by Apple. You can also enjoy streaming movies trailers and anything else that is broadcast on the internet.

Although Apple insists that QuickTime is used on Windows Vista and Windows 7, the software works perfectly on Windows 10 too. It is very slick and easy to use and has readily available features such as playback and creating playlists. You can choose to upgrade to a Pro Version in order to enjoy editing and converting video files. The newer versions of QuickTime player have increased reliability and improved compatibility in different platforms. QuickTime is designed to resume playback automatically. This is a good thing. This is an amazing feature that helps people who keep on losing connection or have poor internet.

QuickTime Player for Windows 10 has a simple user interface and delivers quality. Some of the Features you found in this app include payback, bass and treble controls and balance controls. There is also streaming media support and the ability to save your favorite movies. QuickTime player also offers a live resize feature and the ability to view interactive content. With this player, you can play lots of file formats, graphics and virtual reality movies.