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Rocket League is a multiplayer game developed by Psyonic Studios. Rocket League online game brings the real world of soccer sport. It features four-wheeled vehicles that move very fast instead of the human character. The game is available for personal computers as well as the PS4. It allows cross-platform multiplayer between the two platforms. You can enjoy playing Rocket League on split-screen in both online and local multiplayer modes.

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Rocket League Online Game Explained

Two players in the Rocket League online game ride their vehicles in an enclosed area. They try to knock a large ball towards the opponent’s goal for five minutes. This enables the players to score points with each goal they score. Each team in this game can have between one to four players. However, for ranked play, three players versus three players is the maximum team size.

The match begins with the ball placed in the middle of the field. The match ends when the timer reaches zero and the ball touches the ground. The players ride the vehicles on the field with standard turning controls, brakes and gas. These are the similar controls found in other racing or driving games. When a player completes a match his/her player profile gains levels and experience. The game uses this profile to match players with the same skills. The Rocket League system uses bots to refill abandoned player slots.

The players can affect the Rocket League online game through mutators. You can set these mutators in both online and offline play. For online matches there are predetermined mutators, which cannot be changed. However, for offline matches the players can set the mutator options anyhow they want. You can change more settings manually from the provided combination to fit your taste. Players can even customize their cars in different ways to fit what they like.

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