Salam Web Browser Download

Malaysian company brings a new web browser. Salam Web Browser is called ‘Salam web’ as a Muslim-friendly browser, which is called ‘Halal Internet’!

In this new browser, Islamic values have been adjusted. The new Salam Web Browser has challenged the challenge of offering this browser a great deal of privacy and privacy risks online.

Features of Salam Web Browser

Salam web Browser can be used on mobile and desktop computers. Hassan Zarina Mohammad Khan, Managing Director of Salam Web Technologies, a new browser developer, said that it has news, messages and other facilities. Originally Malaysia and Indonesia-related issues customers will get he said, the target of achieving 10 percent of the world’s 180 million Muslim population as a customer. While creating this browser, they have also faced criticism of giant companies like Facebook and Google. International human rights organization Amnesty International also criticized their move.

Hassini Zarina Mohammad Khan said their aim is to highlight the Internet platform as a good place. He said, “We know that in world ¬†there are both good and bad content on the internet. We tried to create Salam Web Browser in such a way that people get good content. “He also said that this browser filtering will be done. If the pornography or gambling tries to enter the website, then the customer will be warned. In addition to simplifying the religious practices of Muslims, there will be issues to tell during the prayers time.

Hassini Zarina Mohammad Khan further said, “Although we create this Salam Web Browser targeting Muslims, our aim is to encourage universal values. So anyone can use it. Internet is becoming harmful every day – so we need something. Now in days we need ‘Halal Internet’!

If you want you can download Salam Web Browser. It is really nice browser. We can recommend you about Salam Web Browser.

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