Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Are you looking forward to experiencing new phone features? The Samsung galaxy note 8 is yet to be released and launched. Some of its features and specs have been leaked. This phone model is a successor to Samsung galaxy note 7. Therefore some of the features have been improved. Other new features have been introduced as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Internal Memory

(User Memory Is Less Than The Total Memory Due To Storage Of The Operating System And Software Used To Operate The Features. Actual User Memory Will Vary Depending On the Operator And May Change After Software Upgrades Are Performed.)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Speculated Features

This phone is predicted to come with a dual camera. This is the first phone from Samsung Company to come up with this feature. It will have a rear and front camera. The rear camera has twelve megapixels. The front camera has an auto focus with eight megapixels. The photo taken with this phone is expandable. You can always zoom the photo to the size that you want without losing its clarity.

Additionally, the Samsung galaxy note 8 will have a bigger size battery. The battery will be rated at 3,300 mega amperes. This battery will be charged by a wireless charger. Charging its battery will be fast as well. Its screen will be almost similar to the older Samsung Galaxy models. Some features are however improved. For instance, this new model will have a bigger screen. The older galaxy note S8+ is 6.2 inch while the yet to be launched galaxy note 8, will have an 8.3-inch screen. Besides the bigger screen, this phone will have better resolution.

Phone storage is the most important feature to note. Samsung galaxy note 8 will have bigger storage space. Its RAM size is predicted to be of 6 gigabytes. Its internal storage will be big enough. The least size predicted is sixty-four gigabytes. It will be very exciting to use this phone because of the expandable storage. If you intend to increase your storage space, you can simply insert your SD card.