Small Business Network Security Download

Just because you are running a small business, it does not mean hackers will not make you a target. Small business network security is important because it helps to keep hackers away. Hackers and security threats do not care about the size of your business. All they want is to find holes in your network security in order to take advantage of your business. However, there are a number of things you can do to keep your business safe. Some of these are discussed below.

Small Business Network Security download

Small Business Network Security Tips and Protect your Business

Use a firewall: One of the things that you should do for your small business network security is to use a firewall. A firewall needs to be configured properly in order to act as the first line of defense on your network. A firewall sets the rules to indicate which security ports should be open and which ones should be closed. This gives you the necessary network security you need for your business.

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Scan your network: You should scan your network regularly in order to look for visible network vulnerabilities or open ports. A wise way to do this is by using the tools that hackers would use. This will allow you to see what they are likely to see. Scanning your network will also help you take the necessary steps towards strengthening your network security.

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Block pings: Another important small business network security tip is to block your network pings. Most firewalls and routers come with multiple settings to help you determine how visible your firewall or router will be to the outside world.  The simplest thing a hacker does to find a network is to send a ping request. This is a network request to see if there is anyone who responds. If the hacker gets a response, they start their journey into exploiting the network. You can easily prevent this by setting your router or firewall in such a way that it does not respond to network pings.