Switching from Android to iPhone

You have decided to cancel the loyalty to your Android phone and start enjoying your new iPhone? Consequently, switching from Android to iPhone is what you will have to do. First of all, these two devices are not completely compatible. As a result, all the data you have must be transferred from one device to the other. The switching from Android to iPhone was not always easy. In the past, users had to do it manually. Hence, it took time and patience to go through all folders. While this was a good chance to delete the junk, users complained. It was a time-consuming process. In addition, missing an important file or a valuable image was a common mistake. Luckily, Apple has prepared the Move to iOS application. As a result, switching from Android to iPhone is much easier. Furthermore, the app ensures you didn’t miss any of your data.

Let the Move to iOS app work its magic! Switching from Android to iPhone

First, let’s talk about what this app can do. It transfers all your contacts and messages. In addition, all your photos and videos will be safe. Furthermore, web markers, e-mails, and accounts will be available on your iPhone too. This is valid for calendar and reminders too. You can continue using your music and audio-books, as well as other multimedia stored on your old phone. Also, the app will also copy the documents. Move to iOS will replace all free downloaded apps in the Play Store with App Store equivalents. All Android paid apps will appear on the iTunes or App Store service list under the user account.

Most noteworthy, this app is easy to use. We will show you four simple steps you need to follow. Your data will be transferred from Android to iPhone effortlessly. Furthermore, you can be 100% sure that everything is stored in your new device.

Just follow the four steps for switching from Android to iPhone

Install the Move to iOS app:First of all, you have to download the app download and installation it. You can buy this valuable app from the App Store. Simply install it, like any other app you use. Also, you will perhaps have to configure your device or restart it.

Run the app:Run the app. Go to the system menu. Choose “Transfer my data from Android” option. As a result, the switching from Android to iPhone process will start.

Enter the code:For your safety, Apple developed a secure code system. Hence, you will get a unique code on your Android device. Enter that exact code to your iPhone. A dialog window will show up on your device. In addition, you will have a limited time period to enter the code. If you enter the code correctly, switching from Android to iPhone will start.

Switching to the iPhone apps:Finally, depending on the amount of data you had, the switching process may take a while. Wait for the phone to complete the transfer process. Then, the device will ask you if you want to continue using your apps too. You will have to download them from the App Store. Consequently, your switching from Android to iPhone process will be complete.

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