Windows Security Essentials Download

Windows Security Essentials gives protection against malevolent software. These include spyware, trojan horses, computer viruses, and even rootkits. Windows Security Essentials is able to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 but on Windows 8 and later types it cannot. Imagine getting back home from a hard day’s work, you sit down to ease up and decide to start your computer and surf on the web.

You get a link on your email from a friend and on opening it your computer starts acting up. This scenario does not have to happen to you when Windows Security Essentials is available for free downloading. The internet is never a safe space and as such you need protection before opening those links on your email or web browser. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should use antivirius to protect your computer:

Windows Security Essentials is a free software

Windows Security Essentials Download

The only requirement needed when it comes to running . Windows Security Essentials is that your computer ought to be running authentic Windows. The application will need to confirm. The Windows key you are currently using is genuine before you can download and use the free software. Once it is confirmed, the software can be installed. It will then automatically perform scans and updates.

Windows Security Essentials is simple to use

This antivirus software does not need you to do anything as a user. It performs all the required scans in the background and automatically updates itself when need be by downloading the latest virus definitions. It is designed in a way that it runs when the computer is idle meaning that it will neither slow you down as you work nor bog down any of your applications. You will not even be bothered as it is working.

Windows Security Essentials has a color coded status icon

Once Windows Security Essentials is installed on your computer, an icon on your task bar will keep you updated on the security status. This icon is color coded and each color has its meaning. The color green means that everything is okay whereas red or yellow indicates problems. The software will then tell you what to do from the icon without having to open it from the Program Files.

Windows Security Essentials has excellent features

These features include:

  • Instant protection as it runs throughout in the background.
  • Performs scans without bogging down your computer.
  • Cleans the operating system by removing unwanted spyware and viruses.
  • It integrates with your Windows firewall thus no configuration issues.

In conclusion to this, you now have 4 reasons as to why Windows Security Essentials should be your go-to antivirus software. Worrying about your computer being infected will now be a thing of the past. You simply install the software, as long as you are running on an authentic Windows, and it will do the rest allowing you surf the web knowing fully well you are protected.

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