Zoom meeting download for desktop

We know, talking and meeting in Zoom is an important media in the internet world at the present time. So, we need to have knowledge about zoom free download. Zoom meeting download is actually a video call and web conferencing application. Use this platform, for free video confarencence up to 100 participants at once. Up to 49 people can see the screen at once. If there are more than two participants, than we have 40 munities time limit.

Zoom free download for desktop

But, for longer conferences you have to spend 15-20 US dollars per month and for business conference you have to spend 50-100 US dollars per month. Zoom meeting download has an extension development for Chrome Browser. For the website users that function is a shortcut tool for basic commands. With this extension we can make schedule and starting meeting. User will join the zoom free download andcalls from their web Browser. Above all, this program is very effective for live training, meeting and educational purposes.

How to use Zoom meeting download?

We will follow a few steps below:

Step 01: Open Chrome Browser and choice your Mac or PC. You go to the Zoom Website and you can see create and manage account. Click on my account, after log in you find your account details.

Step 02: At the top of screen you can see schedule, join or host a meeting. Click any one of these 3 options and set up prompts or join online video call. You will need a meeting ID or name for a video call.

Step 03: Left hand side you will see the different options, in this options most important is your profile. There you can change your profile picture and edit email or password. Also you make other changes in this settings section. At the bottom of this page you will find sign out option of Zoom.

Step 04: Under your profile Tab you can see a summary of your meetings. Now you can start upcoming meetings or review your previous meetings.

Step 05: On the left hand side other Tabs are webiners, recordings and your settings. The webinar feature is only for payable account. You will direct recording in this feature for you and yours meeting participants.

Step 06: Also you will find the bottom of the left panel more forward settings, such as managing users and rooms. In addition, you can upgrade your account under” Billing” or manage your payment information. Above all, if you are already upgraded to Pro, Business and Enterprise.

Zoom meeting download for desktop

Moreover, if you will desktop Zoom meeting download, then you will find more options. These are finding top of the screen such as-Home, Chat, Meetings and Contacts.

The “Home Tab” give you some option-E.g. start a new meeting, join a call, schedule a feature and share your screen. You will join any upcoming meeting for this day; find a check list on the right hand site. Any time you click your profile in the top of right hand corner. Then you will open a dropdown menu to create fast changes.

you can also settings this menu by clicking gear icon in the right hand corner of the” Home Tab”. Then you will open complete settings menu and make changes Browse the Tabs on the left hand side. Generally you can find “View More Settings” at the bottom. Now open your online profile and access to your Zoom account. 

Zoom free download for windows

The” Chat “Tab keeps you have between contacts with each another and keep you track in any discussions. You can easy to access or browse your recent favorite conversations. Also you will find contract request from any others, which is request join with you. In addition, any share file will appear in the file sections.

The” Meetings” Tab tells you a summary of the upcoming meetings. At the top you can also see a tag between upcoming and recorded meetings. To click the plus sign you can see a new schedule. You click on any previous meeting to view options to start early, invitation edit or delete it. You can also see the meeting invitation.

 Last Tab is a “Contacts Tab”, It keeps you a track and add to the platform. There your friends, collogues and classmate add with you. By left hand browsing you will view contact message. There are you find starred, exterior and cloud contacts. You can also click the plus sign; add a new contact and canals.

 Therefore, if you maintain our zoom free download system step by step. Must you can participate and arrange Zoom meeting for your organization.

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